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Something Strange and Deadly ~ Susan Dennard

Pub Date: July 24
Publisher: HarperTEEN
Pages: 400
Author website:
Review copy provided by: Edelweiss & publisher

Top 3 Reasons I was a goner for Something Strange and Deadly.

  1. The first sentence
  2. There was a "Dead Alarm"
  3. Coffin bells. But instead of the bells alerting the public to accidental living persons being buried, they warn against the awakening of the dead!
And this was all on the first page of the digital ARC!

Okay, so the story picks up with Eleanor's brother, who was supposed to be on a train coming home to Philadelphia. But he never showed up. Instead, the Dead did. Now, enlisting the help of the Spirit-Hunters, Eleanor is determined to find her brother, who must somehow be mixed up with a Necromancer. The Necromancer who is bringing all of these dead to life. And while we're at it, a mean spirit is chasing Eleanor!

On top of this, the year is 1876 and Eleanor is a woman. Unfortunately for her, she is expected to act a certain way. Her mother expects her to woo eligible bachelor Clarence Wilcox. Her friends expect her to have money and keep up with the latest fads. Eleanor knows that she doesn't want to rescue her family financially by marriage. Even the Spirit-Hunters treat her differently because she is a female in society. Everyone except Jie. Jie opens Eleanor's eyes to the fact that just because she is a woman, it doesn't mean she should act or be a certain way.

One key conversation between the two compares foot-binding to wearing a corset. Both confine and conform women into an acceptable standard. Both are, as Eleanor feels, barbaric. And thus, Eleanor begins to question her role.

Back to the main story plot! They mystery continues as young men turn up dead-decapitated in fact. Eleanor's nerves are on end because they are connected to her brother, who is STILL missing. Will he turn up as the next victim? And there is something going on with Clarence, who is constantly calling on her. And something is going on with Daniel-one of the Spirit-Hunters. (Daniel = dopey smiley faces)

Gah! I just loved this book! I did not want to stop reading, even when I had to. And the ending? Holy crap. I was blown away by it, as was Scott (the husband) who exclaimed to me, "The author did X at the end of the book? Who does that?!"

"He dropped to one knee and bowed his head. He was declaring fealty to his empress."

BLOWN AWAY. Did I mention that?

Absolutely wonderful. One of my favorite 2012 debuts. The characters were fun, felt real, and easy to relate to. Each character felt different, with their own personality. From gentlemanly to prickly, to snobbish to ditzy. It was all unique. When Eleanor hurt, I hurt. When she loved, I loved. When she was shoved into a corset, thankfully I was not! 

So. Your task for July 24th is to go get a copy of Something Strange and Deadly from Susan Dennard! Then come back and tell me what you thought!

And now, for something fun and exciting...A scavenger hunt, brought to you by Susan Dennard. And once you finish the hunt you will be taken to the super fun book trailer! (The trailer will go public soon, so this is a sneak peek :P ) Something Strange and Deadly website and scavenger hunt.
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  1. Great review! I am in the middle of writing mine up and saw yours on Goodreads. I really enjoyed this book too, Can't wait for book#2