Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Catastrophic History of You and Me ~ Jess Rothenberg

Title: The Catastrophic History of You and Me
Author: Jess Rothenberg
Publisher: Penguin Young Readers
Publication Date: February 2012
Pages: 375

Rating: 5 out of 5!

Is it possible to die of a broken heart? For Brie it happened. At dinner when her boyfriend told her that he didn't love her.

Now Brie is one of the Dead and Gone trying to work her way through the five stages of grief. Along the way, she has a resident Lost Soul who is helping her with her afterlife- Patrick is trying to help Brie move on. Unfortunately, with her heart in pieces, moving on isn't exactly what Brie wants to do...but revenge sounds tasty!

Each chapter is given a title from song lyrics or titles. The songs range from the 80's up through present. The lyrics gave the book such a fun quality, and fear not, Rothenberg lists each song, artist, year, etc in the back of the book. To make lyrics even more awesome, they matched the chapter's insides.

 Confession time: I came across one title and began belting it out, to which my husband was amused. Not by my singing, but by the fact that Bon Jovi was included! Not just one, but two songs: Shot Through the Heart and You're to Blame, and Living on a Prayer. You can guess which one it was I was belting out.

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