Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Struck ~ Jennifer Bosworth

A girl.
An earthquake.
A vision.
A tower.
A storm.

What does it all mean for Mia Price, who has survived countless lightning strikes? In the aftermath of a huge earthquake that destroyed Los Angeles as we know it, Mia is trying to get on with her life-and keep her mother and brother safe and fed. But that isn't always easy when life around you is in a free for all and everyone is out for themselves.

Mia goes back to school, but once there she becomes a pawn in the prophecies and visions of the Seekers and the Followers. But which side does she trust? The word of God's True Prophet? Or those who do not follow his word? Does she choose the side who wants her lightning to bring the storm or end the storm? Mia doesn't know who to trust and it is only going to get more confusing for her as time goes on, and her emotions get in the way.

This book was not what I was expecting at all! But I enjoyed it, and loved the storyline and the characters. Bosworth does an excellent job of raising the question and lines between good and evil. Using a prophet/false prophet as the word of God was a stroke of brilliance. After life changing events, people do tend to flock to religion and what better way to create a flock than using Rance Ridley Prophet and his Followers who prey on the fears and uncertainty of people as they are told the apocalypse is only three days away.

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